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Kings Ophthalmics was established in Kenya in 2007 and is now the leading distributor of ophthalmic equipment to ophthalmologists, optometrists and optical retailers. We are committed to providing you with equipment of the highest standard, after sale training and superb maintenance. We have technicians who have undergone certification for most of our equipment.

Our product range are sourced from world standard suppliers in the ophthalmic industry such as; Canon (Netherlands), Optopol (Poland), Lightmed (USA), CSO (Italy), Sonomed Escalon (USA), Heine (Germany), Volk (USA), Reichert (USA), Servimed (Italy), PlenOptika (USA), Easyscan BV (Netherlands), Shah & Shah (India), Plantech (India), DSA (India) among others

Kings Ophthalmics is managed by a qualified and certified ophthalmologist. We understand the industry needs and are able to supply solutions that optimize client practice and incorporate time saving and high quality diagnostic technology.



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